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For those who enjoy sports, treat your strained and tired body to intense muscle stretching and deep tissue sports massage. 

The pressure will generally be more intense while stretching the muscle tissues and fascia will reduce adhesion and muscular spasm, increase flexibility, improve posture and joint mobility therefore encouraging a speedy recovery and revitalise the body after a deep tissue sport massage. 

Sports Massage with Deep Tissue Massage is particularly good for people with injuries, chronic pain or a restricted range of motion. 

Massage for Two, whatever you are a couple, working colleagues or best friends we will find the best possible treatments for both of you. We will visit you at your location or invite you to our well established studio in Central London. 

Take pleasure in sharing the ultimate experience of couples massage treatment with someone special or simply help to introduce a massage therapy to the one close to you. It is a perfect way to relax before a romantic evening and will make an ideal gift for special occasions! Indulge yourself with a luxurious experience choosing any massage style you like and being pampered with warm pure essential oils. Each session will be tailored to your needs to restore the balance in your body and mind ! We are running number of promotions for Couples Massage and Massage for Two, just contact us to discuss your individual quote. 

Swedish Deep Tissue Massage provides the necessary bespoken treatment to release multiple knotted areas which show the most tension. Swedish Body Massage combined with Deep Tissue Massage will help to reduce the strains built up in the muscles and improve your overall feeling of comfort and so contribute to your success and enthusiasm for life and work. 

You can avoid or relieve pain in the lumbar spine, shoulders and legs by placing yourself in professional hands and trying our specially crafted combination of Swedish Massage with Deep Tissue Massage. Our sessions would be adapted each time to your needs leaving you feeling relaxed yet energised. 

At 4 for You our qualified team of talented and experienced massage therapists are confident we can give you the best massage you've ever had! 

We believe in the service that is all about you and with our tailor made treatments we will lift your spirits! 

Our aim is to build a strong relationship with you based on trust and experience so we give you exactly what you want and need. 

In this era of hectic lifestyles, a good massage is a must which is why our service targets all hardworking Londoners focusing on specific needs of women, men and couples. 

Enjoy a professional experience of Urban Spa which will leave you ready for life's challenges as we know how much you deserve it!

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Healing Hands is a massage service, providing you with massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

We are qualified, experienced and fully insured providing Swedish, Therapeutic, Corporate (Chair), Indian Head & Shoulder, Traditional Thai Massage, Chinese Tui Na Massage, Hawaiian Pulsing-Rocking Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, Bowen Technique and CranioSacral Therapy at the very competitive price of just £35.00 per hour.

If you wish we shall come to you thereby insuring you are not stressed by travel. We do not charge extra for local appointments (10 – 15 minutes).

Special reduced price is available to new clients.

Call now for a convenient appointment.